4 Steps to Improve Your Productivity by 500% Whilst Being Happy

Improve your productivity with flow on a blue and pink background

Finding ways to improve your productivity by 500% seems a bit difficult to believe, but this claim is backed up by a ten-year study of senior executives, however, you know when you’re totally absorbed in a task that you love doing where time seems to distort. Some people say that time stands still, others think that time flies. Either way, when you’re totally in the zone nothing else matters and you emerge feeling energised, having achieved something brilliant. Everything you do in this state seems to flow effortlessly and connections are made that you hadn’t seen before. Not only do you feel as though you’ve made valuable breakthroughs, but you also feel empowered and full of life. This is being in what’s called a flow state and is achieved when you push yourself to achieve something worthwhile.

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