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SEO for Health and Wellness

Supporting Businesses to Improve Visibility and Generate Leads

Competitor Analysis

Helping You Understand Your Competitors

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is essential and can save you a lot of time and money. Find out what’s working well for businesses in the same field and be informed. We can provide valuable data on what keywords they’re competing for, how well they’re ranking and what gaps there are in their keyword strategy to give you a competitive edge.

Competitor Backlink Profile

Backlinks are one of the most important factors when it comes to search engine ranking. We can help you understand where your competitors are getting their backlinks and help you devise a robust backlink strategy to build up your website’s authority. Gain insight into backlink opportunities that your competitors are missing out on to help you boost your online visiblity.

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Backlink Strategy

Build High-Ranking Backlinks for Your Wellness Website

Gaining visibility for your business means improving your website’s authority. This is achieved by getting backlinks from other established sites. If you’re wondering what a backlink is, it’s a hyperlink from another site that points directly to a page on your website. The more authority the site pointing to you has, the greater the benefit to your own site. Building high-ranking backlinks for your wellness website is a challenging task, but crucial to improve your search engine rankings.

Creating Valuable Content 

One of the best ways of generating backlinks from pages with a high domain authority (DA) is to create valuable content for that site, which links back to your website. This can be time-consuming. Our copywriters can produce bespoke articles and blog posts to help you build your backlink profile.

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Keyword Strategies

Keyword Strategies for Health and Wellness

Understanding what your potential client is typing into a search engine asking their voice assistant will determine what keywords you need on your website. SEO for health and wellness means aligning your website content with user intent (another way of saying ‘what your customers are looking for’) is one of the key indicators for Google, which determines whether your content is helpful.

Building a Keyword List

The keyword list for your business is a constantly evolving process that develops when new ideas, search terms or approaches appear. About Now Ltd works with health and wellness businesses to build robust keyword lists with the focus on helping you connect with your ideal clients. 

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Technical SEO

Navigation and Site Structure

Having great content that your clients want to consume is vital for a successful website, but so is making sure the search engines can find and index your site. Making sure your site is easy to navigate means that every page on your site should be accessible in three clicks, without hidden content. We also ensure that your headlines, sub-headlines and metadata are all in place and contain your keywords. 

Content Generation

Creating Engaging Content for Potential Clients

Having great content is essential for any business wanting to encourage visitors to return. Healthy SEO for health and wellness websites means regular content that targets high-trafficked, low-competition topics, which can be found by researching how specific phrases are performing. Writing great blog posts on these topics can seriously increase your chances of ranking highly for those key terms.

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