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Website Design, Copywriting and SEO Services

From Keyword Strategies to Content Generation, Competitor Analysis to Quality Backlinking, we have it Covered

Search Engine Optimisation

Helping You Understand Your Competitors

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is essential and can save you a lot of time and money. Find out what’s working well for businesses in the same field and be informed. We can provide valuable data on what keywords they’re competing for, how well they’re ranking and what gaps there are in their keyword strategy to give you a competitive edge.

Competitor Backlink Profile

Backlinks are one of the most important factors when it comes to search engine ranking. We can help you understand where your competitors are getting their backlinks and help you devise a robust backlink strategy to build up your website’s authority. Gain insight into backlink opportunities that your competitors are missing out on to help you boost your online visiblity.

Google Core Update written on an old typewriter to promote search engine optimisation

SEO Keyword Strategy

Getting your site ranking for the right keywords is essential if you want to connect with your audience. we delve into what makes your company tick and what makes your clients listen so we can devise a robust keyword strategy that will focus all of your content creation



Searching for website design services or SEO agencies can throw up a lot or results, but how do you find the one that’s best for you? Here at About Now, we understand what it takes to improve your search rankings and make it our mission to provide a personalised service to supercharge your business. 

Website Design and Content to Connect with Your Ideal Clients

We offer bespoke services tailored to you and your clients. our primary focus is understanding what you offer as a business and who your ideal clients are. This provides a solid foundation to identify your competitors, streamline your online profile and create content your audience will love and want to consume.

Backlink Strategy

One of the key factors in search engine ranking is the quality of your backlinks. We help you to devise a long-term approach to building quality backlinks and resolving any toxic links that could harm your hard-earned reputation.

Artwork and Illustration

From commercial illustration to technical drawing and character design we’ve access to some of the hottest pens and pencils (and digital)  in town. We love our artistic roots so love to be able to offer this service.

Content Generation

When it comes to ranking highly on a search engine, content is king. Creating enough quality content that is search engine optimised is an ongoing task. We can shoulder that responsibility to create blog posts, articles, white papers and social media posts to keep you visible and engaged with your audience.

Identity, Branding & Design

Your brand is the visual representation of you and your business. We work closely with you to understand the heart of your business and to ensure your central message is communicated to those that need to hear it.